The hardest steel is forged from the hottest fire

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What is Fitt Forge?

To forge is to give something shape through heat and pressure. At FITT Forge, we supply you with the  equipment, the motivation, and the knowledge you need to help forge your body how you want it. As an experienced and certified personal trainer, I can give you the tools to forge your mind and body, find your strength, and create the best version of yourself, inside and out. 



Personal Training

Personalized training that matches your individual goals. Receive one-on-one training and dedicated attention at every session. We design a fitness program that is specifically designed to meet your goals and your comfort level. 

fascial stretch therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a series of assisted movements, targeting the muscles and tissues around the bones and joints. It is used to help improve flexibility, mobility, and helps to prevent injury or strain from training.


Nutritional guidance that includes choosing the right types of foods for you, portion control, and when to eat certain foods. We also focus on instilling good eating habits, and educating on overall nutrition. 

Sports training

Specific for athletes looking to improve their performance, we can design a fitness program to build speed, agility, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. 

The Facility

The FITT Forge facility is a private, comfortable environment that features a wide range of equipment to help clients get in the best shape possible. Change rooms and showers are available to use. 


Fitt forge facility

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