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What is FITT Forge

To forge is to give shape and strength through heat and pressure. Specific types and amounts of elements are used in the forging process to change and specify the way a tool is designed. Too much or too little of any element will alter the integrity and functionality of that tool.

Your body is the tool of your life!

Using the right types and amounts of the 5 elements of strength
(Mental Strength, Physical Strength, Cardiovascular Strength, Mobility and Recovery) we supply you with the equipment, the motivation, and the knowledge you need to help forge yourself into your strongest version, inside and out. So that you can handle the pressure of any situation that you choose to muscle your way into

How Strong Do You Want To Be?

Our Services

Personal Training

Personalized training that matches your goals. Receive one-on-one training and dedicated attention at every session. We work with you to analyze, asses and understand what is needed for your body in order to meet your needs at your comfort level. Not quite hitting your goals? Train with us to reach your next level!

Group Weight Training

Group Training is a weight lifting class that is welcome to all people wanting to build strength with a community. This class is welcome to all, from beginners looking to learn how to lift properly to elite athletes looking to reach their highest potential. Tired of lifting on your own? Then come join the FITT Forge Family!

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a series of assisted movements, targeting the muscles and tissues around the bones and joints. It is used to help reduce pain, decrease risk of injury and improve strength and power from lack of mobility. Are you feeling tight and in pain? Book with us today to set it free!

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