Group Strength Training

This is our signature group fitness class that’ll help you grow muscle and confidence in the gym. We’ve built this program for you, each workout is as hard as you need it to be. Learn, workout and have fun with others just like you wanting to be their strongest yet, because we are stronger together!

Group Strength Training

This is our signature group fitness class that’ll help you grow muscle and confidence in the gym. We’ve built this program for you, each workout is as hard as you need it to be. Learn, workout and have fun with others just like you wanting to be their strongest yet, because we are stronger together!

group weight training hamilton

Why Choose Group Strength Training

  • Structure

  • Accountability

  • Fun

  • Support

How You’re Going To Feel After One Session

Unstoppable, feeling like a million bucks, the best you have in years. You’re going to feel “Different”

Strength Training That’s Fun!

Having a strong body is key to a long capable life, so why not have fun at the same time. Workouts that vary daily, friends that keep you accountable and trainers that love coaching, will keep you coming back to push yourself further then you thought possible!

Group Strength Training Hamilton Having Fun
FITT Forge
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Melissa TullochMelissa Tulloch
03:42 25 Aug 23
I am loving my experience working out at FITT Forge, I was nervous to start because I had very limited experience lifting/ weight training and some experiences at other gyms that where I felt judged and left with lowered my confidence. Zack and the Fitt Forge family are the exact opposite- everyone is helpful and encouraging, the small classes sizes are great and every class feels like everyone is having a good time and hyping each other up.I’ve already seen some changes in my day to day life and I really love being apart of a gym like Forge. Thanks for building such a great community Zack!
Denise MorgolaDenise Morgola
00:15 21 Aug 23
I am very glad that I came across FITT Forge when I went looking for a gym with strength and weight training. Zach’s “come and try a session” to see if it is the right “FITT” for you is an excellent concept. I was over the moon happy that I tried it. I had a great workout, met the “community” of like people who encouraged me on my first day and I knew then I wanted to be a part of this action.It's been two months since I started and it just keeps getting better. I feel stronger, have lost some weight and find that I stand straighter as well. The friendly discussions on everything from world news to advice on taking my fitness workout to the next level is just so great -- I’m sorry I can’t find the right words to express it. Come and experience it is all I can tell anyone looking to start this activity.Zach is the best instructor I’ve had in my journey through different gyms and exercise programs. He is committed to helping you achieve results. His passion in helping each member strive for their best is so encouraging. All this with a smile. With the group sessions small, it gives him the time to make sure everyone is progressing and doing each workout correctly.I come home energized after each workout. I’d recommend this fitness facility to anyone looking for a great workout, fun and a feeling of community in the experience of group fitness.
Anth FimAnth Fim
20:49 19 Aug 23
Ian MartinIan Martin
19:42 19 Aug 23
The Fitt Forge program is outstanding, I have never worked out in the past and was a little nervous to start, but after just a few sessions I was hooked!!It's a very jugement free environment, and everyone helps to push and motivate each other.Zack is very knowledgeable and a great motivator! I would highly recommend his strength program to anyone, especially someone new to working out!! 5 stars all the way!!.
19:09 19 Aug 23
I’ve trained before but never at this level. In only one month 2 days a week I’ve seen major improvements in form, mobility and ability. Every week Zach pushes us and I’m easily going up 5 pounds in weight per session. Haven’t seen the limit yet! Highly recommend!
Tristan BaxterTristan Baxter
18:38 19 Aug 23
Fitt Forge has been great for my ageing body. Working with Zach has allowed me to enjoy life with less pain. His positive attitude is infectious and he's incredibly knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone I know. Thanks
16:50 14 Jun 23
I was struggling to get back to the gym and getting into a steady routine, but FITT Forge has been my saving grace. Zack is extremely knowledgeable and brings such a personable approach to each class. He is genuinely passionate about his clients and their overall health & fitness.The classes are small but the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. It is a nonjudgmental and very inclusive gym and the workouts are consistently challenging. Everyone here is supportive and constantly motivate and encourage each other to get through the class or hit that next PR. It truly feels like you are part of a family.FITT Forge has something special here. Do not miss out on it!
Jessica HanslerJessica Hansler
20:50 17 May 23
If you are looking for a new gym and are interested in weight / strength training I highly recommend trying them out! Very welcoming and supportive culture for those new (or old) to lifting weights. The group classes are very small and focused and the class times are consistent throughout the week, which makes it easy to plan around your schedule. I’m always hesitant to try new things but was welcomed with open arms which made the transition super easy. I know it can sometimes be intimidating for women to try new gyms - especially if they are new to weight lifting (this was me only a few months ago!) but this is a judgement free zone and you will feel right at home.
Quan NguyenQuan Nguyen
15:35 16 May 23
First learned about FST and tried many places. But Zach is different level. Never felt this good in the past 10 years. no aches and pain and muscle tightness literally after 1 session. now I am in 2 sessions a week and hoping to prolong my soccer career.Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! other services he provide includes private gym, strength training and weight training.
Deanna DeSantisDeanna DeSantis
00:32 15 May 23
FITT Forge is an amazing experience! The atmosphere is fantastic, welcoming and supportive! Zack is very knowledgeable and helps you reach your goals!
Michael GMichael G
23:06 14 May 23
Zac and his gym have been essential in my weight loss and fitness journey. His support, enthusiasm, and well kitted out gym have helped me achieve my goals and stay on track. I couldn't recommend Fitt Forge more highly.
Meghan Dorelle HughesMeghan Dorelle Hughes
14:05 23 Apr 23
In only the past 3 weeks since becoming apart of the FITT FORGE crew I have learned so much about the technicalities of strength training and safe lifting. I am already feeling like a stronger person with such a noticeable difference in my mental health.Zack has created a comfortable and very inclusive space. The group workouts are with amazing people who have a common goal of showing up for yourself. The support is unmatched. This place makes working out fun!I'm so grateful to have joined and been welcomed so openly. The cost is beyond fair for the benefits it gives. I'm on track to live healthier and this is majorly attributed to the authentic passion Zack has for people and well being.
Amber PowellAmber Powell
18:09 03 Apr 23
FITT Forge is an amazing gym that focuses on strength training and weight training in a fun and inclusive environment. Zack and Mandie are extremely knowledgeable, supportive, caring, and genuine, they give you the push you need! Not only are the staff amazing, the members are just as fabulous! I truly enjoy getting stronger with FITT Forge!
Mason TwitchettMason Twitchett
22:20 11 Mar 23
FITT Forge is a great gym with everything you need to build strength and muscle. The equipment is high quality and there is enough variety to build any comprehensive fitness program.Zack, the owner, is exactly what you'd want in a trainer. He focuses on results using proven methods, no fluff or trick dieting here. He is also one of the most passionate individuals I have ever met in my fitness journey. Additionally, he also provides great advice and services for recovery as well, which has become increasingly important me.I'd recommend this fitness facility to anyone looking for an intense, but fun, group fitness experience.
Suad SarajlicSuad Sarajlic
17:25 24 Feb 23
Great experience and training on my first FST. Never knew that stretching can be so beneficial until it was explained to me properly. Zach focused on the pain area and explained every step in detail. If you are having muscle or lower back pain, try FST with FITT Forge. Highly recommended. Also, started group strength training at the gym. It is the beat way to workout and get in shape. The group environment encourages you to keep going and do you best. Great for all levels and ages. The atmosphere is amazing and you get personalized training on top of it.

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