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Keynote Speaker, Seminar Presenter and Motivational Speaker

FITT Forge has the ability to help you understand complex information relating to physical and mental strength and get the most out of your body and mind.


Signature Presentations

Mental Strength: You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

  • A high energy keynote that will leave your participants with a deeper view of mental structure and neural framework
  • Explore how ways to reprogram your mind – consume, process, deliver
  • Develop an understanding between your actions and your habits
  • Learn the Forge Principals to Improvement for peak progress and success

Physical Strength: Forge Your Strongest You

  • Learn how to build muscle and how to get the most out of body
  • Understand cardiovascular anatomy and the pathway the longevity
  • Examine your mobility and how to live and move more free
  • Learn how to put it all together – goal set and achieve

Recovery – don’t just rest…recover

  • Learn the 4 factors of recovery and why you may not be feeling your best
  • Dive into the health of your gut and how it affects your recovery
  • Understand the eating process – how to fuel properly to be your best
  • Discover the difference between nutrients and energy – what is a calorie


“My daughter and I had the privilege of attending a session by FITT Forge. As a parent, I really wanted to learn how I could support my daughter to excel in her sport. FITT Forge allowed us to understand how her thoughts affect her body and how important positive thoughts are for physical performance. FITT Forge delivered an excellent presentation that clearly explained how thoughts affect the body and provided strategies to help strengthen our thoughts. Zachary Bosanac’s passion and knowledge for mental strength training is important for all coaches, athletes and parents who support their high achieving athletes!”
Krista Wilson
“The session we attended with Zach and Deana Rose was beneficial in so many ways. Not only, did it help our 11 year old child better understand how her mind affects her physical activity, but we have been using the messaging in this session in all aspects of our life. It really resonated with my husband and I, and have altered our approach to how we support our children during their favourite sport! Loved everything about this session! Would definitely recommend it and would love to participate in another one! “
Shawna Webster