The Ability to Deal with Pressure

Monday March 29 2021

3:00-4:00 P.M.

Are you tired, fatigued and feeling weak? Do you want to feel awake, full of energy and strong?! Learn how to deal with any pressure that comes your way so you can overcome any situation you choose to muscle your way into! 

Session Descriptions: What you will learn!

The Strength Process

  • How to build mental, emotional and physical strength

The A.U.D.W.A.R.R. System

  • The FITT Forge Principals to Improvement

The 5 Elements of Strength

  • Mental Strength – You are stronger than you think you are

  • Cardiovascular Strength – Got Heart?​​​

  • Muscular Strength – The weight of the world

  • Mobility – We like to move it move it

  • Recovery – Don’t just rest… recover!





Zachary Bosanac

Owner & Personal Trainer
FITT Forge