At FITT Forge, we use fundamental fitness training for our clients. Fundamental fitness training is used to evaluate how your body moves, what your limitations are, which muscles you use on a regular basis, and which ones need strengthening, so we can determine a specific program that will work for you based on your capabilities and goals. 

Our Fitt Formula

for Success

When it comes to fitness programs, there is no one size fits all. Every body is unique. Not everyone can deliver the same effort, perform the same exercises, or follow the same meal plan. Some people don’t have the strength, mobility, or cardio capacity for certain movements or exercises. Using fundamental training, we design a customized fitness regime that accurately reflects your body and your goals. When you choose FITT Forge, every exercise you complete is meant to help you reach your goals as efficiently as possible. 



Our initial consultation covers the fitness or wellness goals you want to accomplish and how many workouts you can commit to.



Through a body assessment, we select the proper exercises, determine your intensity level, and correct any improper movements. 



We set up a schedule that you can stick to. We determine which days and times work best for you.



Throughout your fitness program, we monitor your progress, and make adjustments to the types of exercises and movements as needed.

Setting you up on the right track

Our initial consultation is designed to give an in-depth view of where you currently are in terms of your fitness level and activity, and where you see yourself in the future. This 90-minute fitness consultation will help to outline your goals and determine the timing needed to reach them. We also take into consideration your lifestyle habits, daily schedule, previous injuries, and any struggles you’ve had with fitness in the past.  


The consultation also includes a body assessment which is a vital step in your fitness training. I’ll have you perform some exercises and basic movements to see how your body moves and how we can work to correct any issues with FITT Forge. If you have any tight, weak, or imbalanced muscles, I can integrate exercises that are designed to help strengthen and restore these areas. 


Lastly, we take some photos and body measurements so you can effectively track your progress throughout your personal training.

Nutritional Guide

As part of your personal training program, you will receive a FITT Forge habit tracker so you can have a daily log of what you’re eating and how you’re setting up good eating habits. 


Nutritional Guide includes: 


  • Foods to fuel your body 

  • Foods to help your body recover 

  • When to eat certain foods 

  • How much of each food to eat 

  • Why these foods are important to your overall health and fitness 

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